Sue’s Story 12208605_973148126075341_8164620982225343767_n

To Ruth and the teachers at Corestar Pilates,

Who knew when I started working with all of you at Corestar that the lessons you have taught would make such a significant difference in my daily life! Ruth’s patience, kindness and on-going focus on continued learning, have taken me from an old, pudgy working woman to someone who just completed the Susan G. Komen 60 mile walk with a single blister on my baby toe!

The teachers are amazing and the classes focus on muscle groups, flexibility, endurance and strength, all while being aware of what’s going on in your body and mind. Angie keeps us focused on strongly completing our exercises in good form, Lisa challenges our strength and balance with a smile on her face, and Erin reminds us that leg and glute strength are key to a long and happy old age! What a team!

Accomplishments I’ve achieved include: I was able to kayak in Monterey, California with proper form and strength, and no after effects, due to personal pilates instruction. Long term workouts, including jump fit for cardio, and barre for everything else, got me in shape so I could look and feel good for my son’s wedding- and sleeveless to show of my guns!

But the most recent example was doing the Susan G. Komen three day, 60 mile walk (which was actually over 71 miles!!). Each step, I thought through the effects on muscles, tendons, bones, my posture, my breathing and stretching. Each morning, I got up and started again with very minimal adjustments- no aches or pains! My husband observed that a number of the walkers hobbled and appeared to be in great pain, but I wasn’t. AMAZING! Although tired both mentally and physically, I was able to get right back to everyday life the next morning. Wow!

Thank you again, Corestar Pilates for your focus on useful and proper exercises and stretching for each of your students. Ruth, you and your teachers are all helping us in ways we don’t realize until we need to use these lessons, and are successful.

With much thanks, Sue

Jodi’s Story

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As my 2nd anniversary with Corestar approaches, I find myself reflecting on the difference in my physical well being during this time.

Due to a particularly bad initial bout of arthritis I was nearly incapacitated 4 years ago. I would max out on a treadmill walking slowly. I could bike only about ½ hour at a time. I went to physical therapy for 9 months and did stretching exercises daily. It was quite discouraging because no noticeable improvement resulted. I finally had a guided cortisone shot at the point of my pain (pelvis-sacrum intersection) to enable me to move more comfortably.

Jody 100It was then that I decided I NEVER wanted to experience that type of chronic pain again! I was accustomed to regular gym activity so taking the next step to core focused activity seemed logical to become stronger and more agile. It was then that I found Corestar Pilates and the progress I have made physically have gone way beyond my expectations! I have participated in Pilates mat and reformer classes, TRX Training, and Barre classes. My current regimen is a Pilates Circuit and Reformer classes 2x per week and 30-45 minutes of treadmill walking 3 days per week. The new-found core strength and endurance I have gained has allowed me to enjoy activities with family and friends that I previously could not have done…such as snowshoeing, kayaking and bicycling.

My arthritis still exists and full pain free living is no longer a realistic expectation. That said, I RARELY experience pain because my regular Pilates sessions at Corestar keeps me strong and renews my entire body!

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Corestar Pilates employs a caring, educated staff and Lisa has been very instrumental in my advancement. Her clear and detailed instruction provides a solid foundation for growth. She ensures proper alignment to foster muscle memory while still providing challenging routines that promote growth and increased strength, helping me to achieve my fitness goals.

No matter what your level of fitness I strongly urge you to try out Corestar Pilates. Their excellent training and knowledge along with the varied array of classes they offer will help you improve your strength, endurance and agility no matter your age or ability! I am a true believer and am living proof of the benefits of Pilates!

-Jodi Henderson / September 2013

 Nichole’s Story

nicoleNichole before (1)The amazing staff at Corestar Pilates has helped me transform my body from unhealthy and flabby to strong and lean.

I was the typical workaholic that didn’t make time for my personal fitness or health. I was working long hours, five to seven days a week and became depressed. Like many of us, my job is sedentary; I drive a desk all day long. Over the course of five years I packed on thirty pounds and lost the ability to sit-up straight due to the lack of stomach muscles. I knew I had to do something about my lifestyle and poor body image.

My office is located in downtown Auburn and I had driven passed the Corestar Pilates studio hundreds of times, wondering what it was like inside. One morning my worst fear came true and I could no longer fit into one of my favorite suits. I thought, “That is it, I’m done just working”. In my tight, size 14 pants I made the five minute walk from my office to the studio. I’ll be totally honest and tell you I was scared to death, but my fear was gone the moment I opened the studio door. I was met with a warm smile and was given a tour of the studio. The next day was my first private instruction session with Lisa, and the beginning of my transformation.

That was eight months ago. I am at the studio Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays. I do a mix of private sessions, mat classes and the amazing TRX. With hard work, dedication and the positive encouragement of Lisa I have gone from a size 14/16 to a size 8/10. Not only am I smaller, but I am stronger. I don’t have pain in my neck and shoulders that I did months ago, and my arms no longer resemble bat wings. I have a waist and glutes! I never thought I could ever have a rear-end. My own mother told me I would need to buy a butt because I couldn’t build one. Well, she hadn’t met Lisa.

The family of instructors at Corestar Pilates truly cares about your health and happiness. Corestar helped me realize my dreams of being healthy and happy. I only wish I would have made the five minute walk to the studio years ago. I have to thank Corestar and Lisa for the amazing support, encouragement and let’s not forget those glutes!

*After her introduction to Pilates at Corestar, Nichole fell in love with Pilates! She pursued her certification and is now teaching at her own studio in Texas where she is living with her family. Congratulations Nichole!