Nutrition Coaching and Classes

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired
Nutritional Therapy is the place to start!

Ever wonder why it is so hard to lose weight? Have you lost that “spark” for living and lack energy for your daily activities?
Do your joints hurt and it is getting harder to motivate yourself to exercise?Do you struggle with cravings and stress in your life?

Let us help you learn how to make simple changes in diet and lifestyle that will help you improve the quality of your life.

6 Week All Intensive Roadmap to Health
This is the ultimate GPS to get you back on track to your best health! We will have you complete and detailed health questionnaire and a 5-day food journal. We will meet with you to get a compete overview of your current priorities. From there we will spend 6 weeks working together to map out a plan to have you feeling your best! We will guide you with a personalized plan that addresses your specific health concerns. Included are: Functional evaluations to see what nutritional support your body needs. Nutritional and supplement advice individualized for you. Suggestions for meal planning and whole food resources included.

3 week Roadmap to Better Health
Let us be your accountability partner to help you make the changes that will help you get started to feel your best! Get the guidance you need to break the cycle of fad dieting and balance your body. We will look at your top health concerns thru a comprehensive health assessment and do a functional evaluation to see what may be out of balance in your body. We then will make some customized nutritional, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to get you started. Suggestions for meal planning and whole food resources included.  3 weeks of support: In person, email and phone consults thru the 3 weeks.

Accelerated Mini Diet Assessment
Just looking for a way to make some simple changes? You will complete a short interview form and log a 5-day food journal for us to review. From there we will advise you on how to make dietary and life style changes that will help you start on your journey. Meetings are by Phone or in person. We follow up via email with your meal planning and whole food recommendations.

Follow-up Sessions
Having success on your plan? Just looking for a little “tune up” and some advice and encouragement on where to go now? Let us help you with a short consult to help keep you on track. We will assess where you are and how we can best help you with a nutritional assessment or functional evaluation. This meeting can be by phone or in person. We will take the time you need to address your questions and help you get back on the road to continued success.

Corestar Nutrition 6 Week RE-Set
Join us in January 2018 for a program that will transform your body and your life! Whole Food Nutrition programand 21-day Sugar Detox.

Benefits you can expect:
• Weight loss
• Reduce sugar and carb cravings
• Decrease joint pain and inflammation in the body
• Increase Energy levels
• Improve mood and increase mental clarity
• Reduce PMS/Hormonal symptoms

 What you will Learn:
Week 1- Preparation and launch-dietary guidelines/meal planning
Week 2- Digestion-the importance of what and how we eat
Week 3- Blood Sugar Regulation- what sugar really does to the body
Week 4- Fats- what really is a healthy fat and how much we should eat
Week 5-Hydration, Vitamins and Minerals -the roles they play in our body Week 6- Support moving forward- stay on track with a plan for your future
What you will receive:
– 6 weeks of support to reduce sugar and carb cravings and lose weight
• 21 day sugar Detox and dietary guidelines
• Whole Food Nutrient Dense meal planning and recipe guidance
• Weekly in person classes
• Your own personal binder and weekly handouts
• Private Facebook Page with lots of daily support
• Weekly emails with nutrition info
• Email access to teacher for any questions
• Support going forward for your continued success!


What is Nutritional Therapy?


Nutritional Therapy is a holistic approach to health & wellness. It is based on the science of feeding our body a diet of properly prepared, nutrient dense whole foods where the body responds and begins to heal itself. Symptoms of disease are usually a sign that the body is out of balance. These symptoms can show up as digestive distress, food intolerances, inflammation, additional weight, autoimmune diseases and more. Nutritional therapy does not diagnose disease, instead its focus is on the foundations of proper function of our body (digestion, blood sugar regulation etc.).
We begin by looking at you as an individual and determining what it is you need. We assess this by looking at your diet and lifestyle and the symptoms of imbalance in the body you may be dealing with. Our goal is to support you as an individual, with your own unique needs and life circumstances. We are here to help you make the changes that will nourish your body. This includes helping you learn to choose foods that are best for you, where to shop, and how to prepare the foods that will nourish your body. It also includes giving you movement and exercise recommendations. In this way, you get the individualized help you need to meet your goals of living your best life.

Nutritional Therapy can help if you are struggling with the following:

• Pain and inflammation in the body
• Sugar cravings and extra weight you just can’t seem to lose
• Digestive distress, and food sensitivities (allergies to food)
• Low energy or swings in your energy levels throughout the day
• Hormone imbalances-PMS or Menopause symptoms that are out of control
• Autoimmune diseases that deplete your energy and zest for life