What is Pilates?

Pilates is a gentle method of exercise that targets strength and flexibility to improve postural alignment, balance and coordination. A strong focus is placed on effective movement without risking injury.Ruth Erin twist w_bands 2

All movements adhere to five basic principles : Breathing, pelvic placement, spinal alignment, shoulder stability and head/neck placement. Whether performed on the mat or the equipment, following these guidelines leads the student along a path of mind-body awareness.

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The Pilates method consists of hundreds of different exercises. Some are performed on the floor using only a mat. And some involve various pieces of highly specialized apparatus unique to Pilates, many of which use spring resistance to generate smooth muscular contractions in a variety of positions. There are exercises which can be performed on all the equipment as well as the mat, and some that are unique to each piece.


With all this variety available, your qualified and experienced instructor will determine which exercises are right for your individual body. Under this guidance, whether in a private session or a group class, your Pilates experience will be one that is tailored to meet your needs. With regular practice, you will enjoy a more balanced body and life!


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