Group Classes

Pilates Group classes are led by a teacher who guides the students through a series of exercises performed on the mat.

Students new to Pilates will begin with our IMG_3098Beginning Pilates Workshop or the Beginners Series class to learn the fundamentals of core engagement, neutral spine alignment & breath awareness.

These basic Pilates principles will carry through all of the exercises as you advance to greater levels of challenge.

We offer a variety of classes on the mat, some incorporating small equipment such as fitness balls, resistance bands, hand weights and BOSU to provide varying levels of challenge. Most of our group classes are 4-6 weeks long, requiring pre-registration. Students commit to the whole series, and the group is able to progress together week by week.

All of our group classes are kept small to ensure each student receives the best possible instruction, with the personal attention they need to get the most out of every movement. Check out our Class Schedule for more information.

Private Pilates Instruction

During private sessions, students work one on one with an instructor using the various pieces of highly specialized Pilates equipment. Our qualified & skilled instructors will create an individual workout for you that group ref 3honors your own body, and emphasizes your goals. The individual attention to your particular needs will help you advance to your goals more quickly.
While one-on-one sessions are considered ideal, semi-private sessions are also available. In a semi-private session, two or three clients may share sessions for a reduced rate. The individuals in each session must be of similar levels, and must already be familiar with the basic principles and movements of Pilates. In addition to regular private sessions, we recommend attending weekly mat classes to help reinforce the mind / body awareness & muscle memory. As with any changes we make in our lives or our bodies, the more repetition we do, the more the new and improved pattern is reinforced!